Live Life As An Electric Being

Edward de Bono is rightly regarded as a pioneer in the field of learned thinking skills. In his 1990 book, I Am Right - You Are Wrong, he found the then current thinking skills in Western society to be inadequate for even the ‘fast-paced’ technological society of the nineteen eighties.

"... We can be duly appreciative of our traditional thinking culture and also realise that it is inadequate. It may have been adequate for the period it was developed (ancient Greece and medieval Europe), but at that time there were stable societies, agreed perceptions and limited technical change.”…

“…Today there are problems caused by rapidly accelerating change and the uneven nature of that change. In part these things are caused by the 'cleverness' of our traditional thinking systems and a lack of 'wisdom'.”

Edward de Bono saw the following changes in the way we think to be essential to our continued success and even our survival as a species.

  • A shift from a destructive type of thinking to a far more constructive form.
  • A change from argument to the genuine exploration of a subject.
  • A lessening of the esteem in which we hold critical thinking - placing it below constructive thinking.
  • A matching of the skills of analysis with an equal emphasis on the skills of design.
  • Doing as much idea-work as we do information-work. Realising that the analysis of data is not enough.
  • A shift from an obsession with history to a concern for the future.
  • An emphasis on 'operacy' as much as knowledge. The skills of doing are as important as the skills of knowing.
  • A realisation that creative thinking is a serious and essential part of the thinking process.
  • A move from an exclusive concern with the logic of processing to the logic of perception (from rock logic to water logic).
  • A shift from cleverness to wisdom. Perception being the basis of wisdom.

De Bono’s understanding of the evolution of the way society has thought during recorded history, and the way it needs to think in order to be able to deal with rapid technological change, is summarised by a following mind map.

Read the diagram clockwise from the right top corner.

Mind map

So what does thinking have to do with glowing?

It is important to approach the material in this session with an OPEN MIND, and without any defensive arguments or rock logic.

As de Bono says, perception is the foundation on which we build whatever wisdom we develop.

Our modern culture views the body as biochemical rather than electric, and the following material challenges that notion.

It also a fact that an understanding that the body is electric, and that life is pure charge which is in a shareable – fractal – form, is actually very ancient. This knowledge went underground during the Dark Ages and has now reemerged.

The notion that the Ancients were more advanced than we are is quite challenging to today’s thinkers.

Anyone encountering the following material for the first time has to deal with two notions which are entirely contrary to the accumulated knowledge and teachings of our post-Dark Ages culture.

  1. Our bodies are electric.
  2. Our early ancestors knew this.

Consider the enigma of Skara Brae, in the Orkneys.

It is an ancient ‘motel-style’ complex that was completely free of metals – resulting in Flintstone-like accommodation.

Yet metals were know and would have been available to the builders and occupants.

Skara Brae

Skara Brae was built some 5,100 years ago and predates the cities of Ur and Babylon.

It is remarkably well preserved and it has a story to tell us.

Skara Brae is a complete complex of stone quarters and linking tunnels. The construction uses double-skinned dry stone walls, with the void filled with insulating material from middens. There is a full underground drainage system to the bay of Skaill, and indications of a sewerage system that served en-suite toilets.

In the centre of each room was an open hearth and six of the eight units were identically fitted out with stone furniture and water containers.

The parallels to modern motel-style accommodation are striking. It seems that people came to Skara Brae for short periods of time, then returned south to their normal residences.

Skara Brae

A trash-can analysis of the midden material, that insulated the complex and had built up around its external walls during 600 years of occupation, indicated that life was fairly comfortable there, despite the harsh climate of the Orkneys. The inhabitants of Skara Brae ate mainly sheep and cattle, fish, oysters, and occasionally a side of pork.

Since there were no facilities for farming livestock on the island and hardly any animal skulls were found, only bones from carcasses, it seems that most of the food was imported, at considerable trouble and cost.

Even today the Orkney islands are remote and not easy to service.

As Skara Brae was in use between 3,100 BC and 2,500 BC we are not talking about farmers of peasants, the occupiers were almost certainly a royal or priestly class with sufficient power, knowledge and money to establish Skara Brae and maintain it for six centuries.

The indications are that they were operating the nearby stone circle, or Ring of Brogdar, as an observatory.

We still build site accommodation for astronomers today. The Ring of Brogdar is only 8 km by road from Skara Brae, and far less on foot.

Professor Alexander Thom of the University of Oxford, between 1945 and 1961, surveyed the Ring of Brogdar and some 600 other megalithic structures across Europe. He found them to all be constructed using a consistent unit of measurement he termed the ‘megalithic yard’ – 2.72 feet, or 32.64 inches, or 0.83 metres.

In their book, Uriel's Machine, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas describe exactly how the megalithic yard standard can be derived from a stone circle such as the Ring of Brogdar, or simpler structures of stakes arranged in a similar manner.

Megalithic builders could derive the standard from a circle of stones or stakes anywhere in the world.

The catch, for post-Dark Ages thinkers, is that the derivation of the megalithic yard by astronomical means requires knowledge which is only supposed to have been acquired by humans quite late in historically recorded times.

"What the ancient engineers had done was to mark out a circle of substantial diameter using a cord and centre pin, and then divide the circumference into exactly 366 equal cords by trial and error.

They had then erected two posts to mark out one 366th part of a circle, and swung an adjustable pendulum until it produced exactly 366 beats during the transit of a convenient bright star between the two posts."...

“The length of the pendulum is now exactly one half of a megalithic yard, a basic unit of construction discovered by Professor Thom when he surveyed hundreds of ancient ruins in Scotland, England, Wales and western France.“

Professor Thom's megalithic yard was based on pure geometrics, derived from three absolutely fundamental values:

  • The orbit of the Earth around the sun.
  • The rotation of the Earth on its own axis.
  • The mass of the Earth.

"…The Earth's orbit gave the 366 split of the horizon, the rotation of the Earth gave the time span, and the mass of the planet (gravity) dictated the length of the line to give 366 beats."

…. Knight and Lomas.

All this science seems to have been going on in Europe thousands of years before Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was censured and imprisoned for daring to assert that the Earth revolved around the Sun.

It seems most likely that the people who stayed at Skara Brae had this knowledge, in 3,100 BC.

Professor Thom's analyses and practical use of a reconstructed circle show that a Uriel Machine is capable of determining, within an accuracy of one arc minute:

  • the inclination of the ecliptic.
  • the inclination of the lunar orbit.
  • the mean amplitude of the lunar perturbation.
  • the mean lunar parallax.

Alan Butler has also determined that a Uriel Machine could have been used to determine the circumference of the Earth to an accuracy that was within 20 metres of that obtained today, using the latest satellite technology.

This was serious science derived from knowledge of first principles.

There are reasons to believe that following a great cataclysm, 12,500 years ago, a knowledgeable elite remapped all the continents of our planet.

The aim of this work was to determine precisely what had moved where. Knowing this their descendants could calculate where the safe zones are for a 2012 event.

Our interest here is in why such scientifically advanced and powerful people, as the users of Skara Brae were, spurned metals.

Conventional wisdom says it was because the use of metals hadn’t reached so far north at the time. But we know that good food had reached Skara Brae, so why not metals?

Knight and Lomas describe intricately carved stone objects found both at Skara Brae and the Newgrange observatory in Ireland. All had been worked without the use of metal, and there were over 400 found at Skara Brae.

An engineer, James Macauley, tried to recreate the carvings and failed. It seemed to be impossible without sharp metal tools.

Stone ball found at Skara Brae

It was not as if the people who spent time at Skara Brae simply did without metal. They seem to have found substitutes and ways to live normally in a metal-free culture.

Another example of this ancient avoidance of the use of metals is found in the building of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, 1,600 years later, in which workmen avoided touching the stones with metal, and metal plumbing was not used, even although it had been known in the region for centuries.

Today’s scholars argue that the use of metal was avoided in Solomon’s Temple because it was a symbol of war, but this is an example of rock logic and limits the exploration of other possibilities.

One of these is that the priestly elites of ancient times knew metals to be harmful to all forms of life and so they avoided using them.

Science Now Knows Why Metals Are Harmful To Life

Science is seldom unanimous about anything, but the vibrational nature of matter is accepted by all. So is the existence of bio-fields around every living thing. Scientists also know that many metals will harm life fields – but not all accept this yet.

The reason to worry about metals is not due to whatever toxicity they might have. That is a biochemical issue and is reasonably well known and controlled for.

The unrecognised danger of metals is what they do, or don’t do, to our life energy. By and large, living and working in and around metal constructions and objects is lethal.

Modern science now knows that all matter, including flesh and blood, has a vibrational basis. The energies are electromagnetic, so we are electrical beings and what we know as life is electrical charge.

However, the special thing about life energy is that it is fractal and infinitely compressible. While all life is fractal most metals are not.

There is more detail about matter and fractal patterns that enable charge compression and acceleration in the No Matter topic.

What follows deals specifically with the effects of non-fractal environments and substances, including metals, on living things.

Matter is formed from spherical standing waves which obey geometric and fractal rules, but what is life?

Life is charge. Robert O. Becker was one of the first modern medicos to realise this. His book, 'The Body Electric' was published in 1985, but Eastern mystics had already known of the charge nature of life for thousands of years.

Western science now has an understanding of the, spiralling, implosive, and fractal mechanism that generates and sustains the charge of LIFE.

DNA is also central to all life and subject to the same spiralling geometries and super-physical phenomena.

An ability to sustain the speed of implosion and charge generation is what keeps us alive.

If we drop off the pace the bioelectrical field weakens (as in sickness) or collapses completely (at physical death).

A bioelectrical field sustains life whereas other electrical fields, such as radio transmissions, don’t.

“To connect this new science of fractals- to the ancient and modern science of teaching the real (pure symmetry) principles behind consciousness and spirituality – the important thing is to understand how profound and revolutionary it is to discover perfect compression.”

“Physics and science have only recently discovered that the only way to successfully compress anything infinitely – is to use fractality. Compressing things perfectly is absolutely the key behind most all computer and technology revolutions- as well as energy and consciousness revolutions too.”

“Every living protein is 5 sided for a reason: nesting pentagrams generate all Golden Ratio edge lengths – which are energy or 'charge' waves compressing perfectly into the implosion called life.”

“Sustainability is the way scientists talk about immortality – and sustainability is always about wave patterns. It's simple really- what you take through death is an electric field (is there anything else?) created by your body – known as your KA.
If that is coherent and fractal – then you have a shot at charge distribution – or what is called immortal life!”

….. Daniel Winter

While Winter is not incorrect to speak of the KA as the life force it is important to note that the concept of the KA comes from ancient Egypt and Hermetic teachings. In this sense the KA is a shared energy field that enters all living things when they are formed (49 days after conception in the case of a human). It is different to the bioelectric field of the body.

Modern science has yet to discover and ‘prove’ the KA experimentally, but the bioelectric field of the body is well known.

Since every atom in a body has an electric charge the bioelectric field is simply the aggregation of all the atoms, or manifestation points of matter, in that body.

When this material describes an electrical field which can be damaged by metals, or non-fractal vibrations such as radio transmissions and taser weapons, it is speaking of the bioelectric field – not the KA, the BA, or the AKH, which are all non-material fields beyond the reach of oscilloscopes and other material instruments.

People use the terms ‘spirit’, ‘soul’, ‘astral body’, and ‘light body’ quite flexibly. I’m not going to go into the different interpretations here. What matters is that there is a clear distinction to be made between the ethereal realm and the electrical field associated with living bodies – the bioelectric field.

We are discussing the latter phenomenon, not the others.

In the topic No Matter it is explained that there are two types of space, the 3D physical space we sense and 4D ethereal space. The latter is beyond the ability of our five senses to detect but we can access it mentally, through our thoughts and imagination.

Similarly there are two categories of life-enabling electrical fields, one physical another ethereal.

A New Science of Peak Consciousness has Emerged

In less than eighty years we have progressed from being unaware that we even had an energy body, to knowing how to protect it and how to build the super consciousness essential to the process of Ascension.

In the modern era it was Harold Burr, at Yale, who first demonstrated the existence of an electrical field (bio-field) associated with a salamander floating in a solution of salt water. This was way back in 1937, yet today there are still many people who believe that we are solely biochemical organisms, and thus they disregard electrical hazards to the bio-field.

Burr was able to measure the life field while placing the electrodes away from the skin of the animal, and this indicated to him that he was reading a field rather than a surface charge.

He went on to show that there are cycles of “highs” and “lows” in the field and that these translate into moods in human subjects.

Burr measured voltages in frog eggs which showed that the area destined to become the central nervous system developed the characteristic voltage of that organ before it had actually formed. Thus the bio-field was shaping the material body of the organism. The ‘pattern’ for a frog is not in the DNA of a plant or animal, it’s in their biofield.

In his bestselling 1973 book, Supernature, Lyall Watson recounts how, following Burr’s discoveries, a maple tree in Connecticut was wired up for 30 yrs to record fluctuations and rhythms in its life field.

This was a substantial experiment involving a considerable body of data spread over a long time period.

Not only did the maple tree’s field change due to electrical storms and changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, there was a 24 hour solar cycle, a 25 hour lunar cycle and a longer cycle peaking at the time of the full moon.

Every living thing has similar responses to invisible fields of charge.

“We know that the passage of the sun, moon, and planets all produce variations in magnetic conditions that radically alter the earth’s field. And living things have their own fields, which are in turn influenced by changing patterns in the earth. The chain is complete. Here is a natural and measurable mechanism that can account for the connection between man and the cosmos.”

…… Lyall Watson

In the early 1960s Leonard Ravitz showed that the life field reaches a positive maximum at the full moon and a maximum negative charge at the new moon. When positively charged we attract negative ions in the air and feel stimulated.

Everyone bleeds more freely at the full moon and psychotic people go into manic states at that time more readily than at others.

“My own work with air ionisation has enabled me to demonstrate that the diurnal flow of electrons between the earth and the ionosphere takes place in spirals. … it is these spirals or vortices which form the contraflow of forces at the surface of the earth, which all growing structures use as the lattice within which to take form.”

“My own work with air ionisation has enabled me to demonstrate that the diurnal flow of electrons between the earth and the ionosphere takes place in spirals. … it is these spirals or vortices which form the contraflow of forces at the surface of the earth, which all growing structures use as the lattice within which to take form.”

……. Keith Foster

Professor Valerie Hunt, of UCLA, spent 40 years in physiological science research. She was the first to measure auras and chakras in the bio-field of the human body.

Professor Hunt was also the first to discover relationships between changes in the bioenergy field and human behaviour and experience.

Valerie Hunt, sought help from NASA scientists in building an instrument able to measure human bio-field frequencies up to 250,000 Hz. The resulting AuraMeter was a thousand times more sensitive than anything previously available to science. She has since devoted her time to mapping human biofields and their relationships to health, spirituality, and behaviour.

One of Valerie Hunt’s key conclusions, after 40 years of scientific study, is that all disease has its origins in “anitcoherent” patterns in the bioenergy field. For ‘anticoherent’ we can read ‘nonfractal’ and we will then be in the same model now understood and taught by Daniel Winter.

Anticoherence or non-fractality can make us ill and even kill us.

Science has now fully confirmed the work of pioneers like Harold Burr, Leonard Ravitz, and Valerie Hunt – we do have an energy body, and it does control our physical body and even our state of mind.

More and more informed people are concluding that we come from and return to an etheric realm beyond our five senses, which permeates everything, including us.

“We are more fundamentally electromagnetic rather than chemical beings. The driver of evolution is not DNA, but even more fundamental quantum mechanical symmetry-breaking forces (King, 2003).”

……. Iona Miller

“Through scientific experiments it is known that each living physical body is surrounded by an energy body that is the blueprint of the physical body. Before a plant starts to grow a leaf, it can be detected in the energy field surrounding the plant. Changes in the physical form can be detected in the energy field first.”

... David Ash and Peter Hewitt

“To summarize the new science of peak consciousness (peak perception, peak performance, peak experience) – we could say quite accurately – that you become electrically fractal – and suck in or implode your environment. If your environment is also fractal (sacred) then this process can continue – and your aura can grow infinitely).”

“Conscious growth IS the growth of your electric field – and thus the expansion of consciousness absolutely requires fractality – both inside and out!”

“Have you ever noticed how you tire more quickly in a charge depleted environment like a metal building? Fractal hearts require fractal environments to be sustainable and thus to feel good.”

..... Daniel Winter

Because life is a fractal implosion of energy anything non-fractal, such as many metals, acts to impede this process.

In Harold Burr’s day this wasn’t widely known, but today it is a scientific fact. However, most people aren’t taking the necessary precautions to protect their energy body from metals and other nonfractals in their environment.

It Is Vital To Protect Ourselves From Non-Fractal Structures and Energies

Old thinking still persists in areas such as architecture and public administration bodies which set building codes for our present cancer-ridden society.

We must know what is harmful to life in order to protect it.

Diseases such as the major killers of western society; cancer and heart failure, stem from spending too much time in non-fractal environments. There's a good reason to be a tree-hugging hippy – trees generate fractal fields and spending time near them can protect us from ill health. Metal buildings found in all modern cities have the opposite effect.

Aluminium is the worst metal to spend time near, iron and tin are bad also. However, by the time gold, silver, platinum etc. are reached there are some beneficial effects from being near them. People who live or work in buildings with a lot of metal, immersed in electromagnetic smog and pulsed microwave signals from phone networks, are in real danger of illness and death.

“Practically it means we now know why seeds germinating in a dish are statistically more likely to die if you place them in an aluminium or steel dish. This is because the charge or energy field of aluminium or steel is opposite to fractal – and therefore essentially electrically poison to every living thing!”

..... Daniel Winter

Daniel Winter terms the defensive side of managing our vibrational energies 'HYGIENE' but he isn't thinking of washing behind your ears. Winter knows the lifesustaining importance of 'shareable' and 'infinitely compressible' waves.

Fractality is what makes charge compression possible and anything that removes it is a threat to life and a barrier to ascension.

The fact that heating food destroys its fractality or genetically modifying crops makes their DNA less able to compress charge raises 'hygiene' issues for thinkers like Winter.

We won’t cover it here, but there are good reasons to believe that even the non-fractal Gregorian Calendar we live by depletes our charge and lowers our ability to glow as we are meant to.

“If the shape of the electrical fields in the space around you is all messed up and chopped up, then you are going to have less bliss, ecstasy and enlightenment. … Whoever put ceiling fans in churches made a HUGE mistake. The magnetic field or waves from the motor and metal blades churning makes a scrambled mess of your prayers!”

“It is well known by doctors that in hospitals healing does not happen without silence – what they don't understand is that charge compression fusing (making into oneness) a standing wave is what makes real inner stillness (Implosion) AND healing possible.”

“ … Charge compression into Implosion is nature's ultimate device to SORT anything (especially including the field effect of your health). This is because IMPLOSION is the ultimate FORM of COHERENCE.”

“This is why taking out fluorescent lights and putting in sunlight to classrooms immediately helps repair ATTENTION span (how long you can focus). The reason is that waves coming from the Sun have a musical recipe for making FUSION. This is perfect collapse and compression for waves. …”

“If you do not spend time, in quiet, in nature then you miss all this opportunity. If you continue foolishly avoiding nature's offer to pour life-giving information (CHARGE) into your body – then you begin to lose your soul – and die quicker. This is similar to the millions of people who never leave their stupid big cities where all the magnetism is dizzy.”

“They [city folk] forget even the possibility that bliss and charge communion with life EXISTS!
Spending time, often, barefoot and quiet in nature (wet helps too) is a great way to keep electrically grounded into this Inner Net.”

…. Daniel Winter

We Must Understand Bliss and Consciousness

Before we can hope to glow, having stored the charge necessary for Ascension to a higher vibrational plane, we have to know about our Bliss. We also have to know about our consciousness and what level it has reached.

Daniel Winter's experience as a scientist working in biofeedback and, more latterly, as the inventor or the Heart Tuner device makes his insights into implosion physics and the life energy field very pertinent to questions of life, love, and ascension. Earlier experience as a metallurgist and crystallographer have further equipped him for his exploration of what life is and where it leads.

Daniel Winter's electrical definition of 'bliss' is that it is a condition in which there is an ability to radiate charge to infinity sustainably. This requires perfect fractal embedding.

Bliss is generated by a cascade of sound from the heart and acts on the DNA in the blood to create a recursive implosion of charge which both compresses and accelerates shareable information.

Sharable information consists of mentalised data - thoughts and emotions. Electrical charge is required to implode the data to the superluminal speeds required to escape 3D space and achieve everlasting storage in the nonmaterial aether. This doesn't just happen at death, we store shareable truths in this way all through life.

The implosion physics (Bliss) model directly supports the findings of Dr David Hawkins who devised a practical procedure for accessing truth using muscle testing kinesiological responses (from the bioelectric field) and declarative statements (thoughts).

Hawkins discovered that the Field of Consciousness only holds truths, and that when a lie or a misconception is tested the answer is not a 'no' but a 'not yes'. Thus Hawkins methodology yields responses of:

“I am a body”= “not yes”,
“I have a body” = “yes”

When Dan Winter teaches young people about bliss he talks a lot about death, but not in a scary way. The truth is that an understanding of bliss can completely remove our fear of death and set both the young and the young at heart on a path to inner joy, a good life, and a 'successful' death.

A successful death, and life for that matter, is one where all the truths and meanings of our experiences are transferred from this impermanent material world to the Field of Consciousness in 4D space - where they are preserved forever and are accessible to others who travel the Path.

Without bliss and ecstasy it just isn't possible to have really healthy cells and a strong immune system, let alone have the spiritual power needed for a joyous inner life and a successful death.

So the science of bliss is really important to everyone, and yet it isn't taught by the education system, at any level.

Daniel Winter tells the story of a young university student in Austria who, when he asked her “Where is the fire in life for you – what is your bliss?” eventually replied “I never even knew that I am supposed to know what my bliss is”.

Yet it is important that we all know about bliss – how to protect it and how to GLOW with charge.

Daniel Winter's explanation of bliss is as simple as that of water draining out of a plughole, but it is enormously profound. This is the mechanism not only of ascension to a higher plane of existence but of the sharing of truth between people of different world ages and cultures (i.e. different points in time and different languages).

It is how we glow.

Only truth is shareable in this way because only truth is fractal and infinitely compressible. Lies and mistakes don't compress in a fractal fashion and they aren't preserved in the common field of consciousness of our human species.

When we die successfully, or ascend to a higher plane without a death, we serve our species and all of Life.

One of Dr Hawkins’ major contributions to human knowledge was his determination of the Scale of Consciousness, from 1 to 1,000 (on a log scale to the base 10), together with appropriate descriptors for each level. Thus Hawkins has provided us with a descriptive Map of Consciousness that is very useful to understanding our Level Of Consciousness (LOC).

Three of the steps in the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness are summarised next.

They are the LOCs which represent:

400 to 499 – knowing by reason
500 to 539 – intuition beyond reason
540 to 599 – the threshold of knowing by Glowing

LOC 400 to 499 – 'Reason'

Understanding and information are used abstractly to generate logical knowledge. However, it is hard for those in this LOC range to go 'beyond reason' and thus many can't rise above 499. Neither Einstein or Freud could do so. Empiricism shapes truth at this LOC.

Consciousness Level 500 – 'Love'

It's not your average 'love', this is the threshold of unconditional LOVE – unchanging and permanent. Here, for the first time people go beyond reason. They abandon logic and rationality and 'think' from the Heart.

Knowing at this level of energy derives from innate feeling and tapping the subconscious for insights.

Consciousness Level 540 – 'Joy'

Unconditional Love begins to be experienced as inner Joy. People at this level radiate compassion and have a noticeable effect on others.

Those who have attained this energy level begin to feel the Divine Essence and draw insights and knowledge from It. They are able and ready to GLOW.

So, to raise our electrical charge to levels suitable to Ascension and also serve others by radiating that state of charge we need to have an LOC of 540.or better, on the Hawkins Scale.

The good thing is that the psychic procedure, Consciousness Field Kinesiology (CFK) enables our LOC to be measured and tracked.

In order to accelerate the speed of life – raise the vibrational state – we must employ the mechanism of charge compression. It is the power of emotion – LOVE – that accelerates charge and keeps our life force vibrating and evolving.

“At the core of even the electron, is the flame of Love, the Inner Harmony, which pervades all things. But it is personal and experiencable. Not an abstraction.”

.... Robert Neil Boyd

Daniel Winter’s work with the Heart Tuner shows that Light is ultimately Love.

When Daniel Winter speaks of a 'successful' death he isn't thinking of reincarnation - that happens for every death. No, he's speaking of the wondrous process of Ascension – of leaving the material plane and rising to a higher vibrational realm, there to continue the lessons required to eventually return to the immediate presence of God.

This is, ultimately, what the great spiritual belief systems on this planet are about. Our evolution on Earth is now nearing a point at which ascension will be possible for many people.

That's why achieving an LOC of 540 is so important now. It's the threshold for a successful death, and for ascension.

We Can, And Must, Become More Conscious

Knowing the importance of building higher consciousness through our heartfelt emotions and Love we can address aspects of the process of gaining Inner Awareness.

We can aspire to reach the Glow Point for Ascension and true Service to Others.

Your LOC Isn't Set In Concrete Quite the reverse is true. A measured level of consciousness of, say 427, (which is around the present average for the Australian population) simply means that this is where a person spends most time in their daily life. As moods change so will the consciousness energy level.

When they get angry someone's LOC might fall back below 200, but when they experience the love of a companion animal, such as a dog wagging its tail at them, their LOC can momentarily rise to 500. Mostly, however, it will centre at their measured level (Hawkins Scale). This is their degree of inner awareness – or attractor point.

You Can Raise Your LOC. Substantially Dr David Hawkins found that the average human only changed their LOC by 5 points in an entire lifetime. But this is not surprising because most people don't even know what their consciousness energy level is, let alone how to raise it.

Regular practice of effective routines can enable people to keep raising their LOC throughout their lifetime. The reason to do this is that it's what life is all about – finding and following the Path.

But first we have to stop thinking the old way, with ‘Rock Logic’ and learn to use fluid, intuitive, ‘Water Logic’ to see the way forward.

It's Time To Awaken Our INNER AWARENESS.

The reason that it is so hard to move one's consciousness from 499 to 500 on the Hawkins Scale is that this is the point at which knowing stops being dependent on logic and rationality and requires thought that goes 'beyond reason'.

To do this we have to tap our INNER AWARENESS – our psychic power.

Have another look – next frame - at the Modes of Thinking Map. See the upper left area. Note the New Renaissance (Whole World) Thinking, where is says that ‘logical inconsistency is okay’. ‘Feelings’ and ‘humour’ are in there aren’t they?

This is where we ‘let go’ of strict logic and reason and, instead, trust our feelings and intuition.

In his research Dr Hawkins established that even the greatest intellects stumble to a halt at the gate that stands between Reason and Inner Awareness - at 500 on the scale of human consciousness. Even an intellectual giant like Albert Einstein died with an LOC of 499.

The force of intellect peters out.

Yet today, simply by studying ancient wisdom and the meeting of science and metaphysics, many people have awakened their power of Inner Awareness and raised their LOC way beyond that of Einstein.

For example, researchers cited in this series; David Wilcock, Daniel Winter, Jan Wicherink, and of course David Hawkins himself, all rank well above the 500 LOC gate that blocked Einstein and Freud.

But what if my LOC turns out to be way, way, below 400? I’m a loser then.

It is a fact that people with an LOC below 200 on the Hawkins Scale can't directly access the information contained in the Consciousness Field. Hawkins cautions that it is difficult for such people to break through the 200 level for this reason.

This has been the case for many thousands of years – until now.

But two factors need to be considered before we write off the greater proportion of humanity on this planet as having no chance of raising their LOC by some 350 points (on a log scale – base 10).

  • One is help from those who are already above 200 and able to access the Field for and on behalf of those below that level.
  • The other factor is that higher inflows of cosmic energy are making it much easier to elevate human consciousness.

Now, as we count down to a shiftpoint in human evolution at the end of a Great Cycle of Time in 2012, children are being born with LOCs above 500 on the Hawkins Scale.


  • We are fundamentally electrical beings and our flesh and blood body arises from a vibrational field.
  • This bioelectric field indicates the sources of all the sicknesses we suffer, and it is influenced by the fields of the moon, the sun, and the wider cosmos.
  • We are all connected to a greater field of human consciousness.
  • Our bioelectrical field is the source of the information our DNA uses to construct the flesh and blood body.
  • Life is shareable charge. All life is vibrational and fractal. The property of fractality enables infinite compression and the sharing of mentalised information – true thoughts and experiences.
  • Our mind is not in our skull or brain. It is in a personal vibrational field which is shared with all other members of our species – here on Earth and elsewhere.
  • The field of consciousness continues after our physical body is dead and buried. We, and our knowledge and experiences, are immortal.
  • For thousands of years the levels of human consciousness have risen very slowly. But now, due to a rising influx of energy from the Galactic Centre, our LOCs can increase substantially.
  • This is why it is so important to protect our bioelectric field from adverse influences around us. We need it to Glow and help others.
  • The ancients seem to have known more science than they get credit for today, including the implosion physics nature of the life force and it’s susceptibility to non-fractal materials and vibrations.
  • Anticoherent (non-fractal) risks to life and health can arise from many metals, radio waves, x-rays, taser strikes, some music, TVs, etc.
  • There are good reasons to believe that the (Gregorian) calendar we use today also harms us by cutting us off from the natural rhythms followed by all other life on Earth.
  • Dwelling in cities, or their suburbs, is not at all desirable.
  • New thinking is required if such radical changes are to be made in time for humanity to realise its full evolutionary potential beyond the Galactic Convergence
  • There is a need or more open minded, perception based thought which flows easily from reason centred argument to more intuitive, and flexible, knowingness.
  • Almost everything we need to know in order to avoid the hazards of non-fractal influences in our environment, and raise our consciousness to the necessary Glow Point for ascension, is already in the memories of our species.
  • Our ancestors knew what we must do. Now we must remember that understanding and knowledge.
  • Studying the records of ancient knowledge and metaphysics with an open mind - and preferably with others who are also seeking insights and information - is one of the best paths to understanding.

With understanding comes remembering, and with remembering comes a rise in your personal LOC. You begin to Glow.

We should not overlook the current knowledge and wisdom of indigenous cultures in our search for what we have long forgotten. Some present-day shamans remember what we are seeking, and they will often reveal their understanding to those who ask respectfully and without seeking to exploit and profit from their knowledge and wisdom.

Make no mistake, understanding your Bliss and raising your own consciousness through new perceptions and insights is the most important thing you can do with your life during the next few years.

By learning to Glow and radiate consciousness to others around you you will serve humanity in the best possible way.


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