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About me

Airis is a mother of three boys and two children in Spirit. Currently lives and works in Croatia although previously has lived in US, UK and Canada. She has a degree in special education and rehabilitation from the University of Zagreb and Master of Science from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine in the field of psychosocial rehabilitation. She is also a Magnified Healing Master Teacher and Practitioner and a certified Angel Energy Healer, however her life took a great turn when she became an international channel under personal mentorship of Orion and Betsy-Morgan Coffman.
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What I do?

Airis is now the only person in Europe who teaches Orion’s technique of channeling and actually the only one in the world who gives live off-line classes since Betsy-Morgan’s retirement. What is SO SPECIAL about Orion’s technique? It is the only channeling technique that allows EVERYONE to learn how to receive messages from their own guides and angels and Ascended Masters. Channeling and being psychic is no longer reserved for the chosen ones. It is now a gift available to anyone who is WILLING.

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