Introduction to Repetition

Repetition is the mother of all knowledge; hence, we repeat, repeat, and repeat again! From the moment we leave our mother's womb, our cells already know that learning anything without repetition is impossible. An example of this is evident in children who, when they desire something, persistently repeat their requests until they achieve their goal. Similarly, our experiences confirm that without repetition, we wouldn't learn anything effectively.

Repetition in Early Development

When we first start learning how to walk, we fall, then get up, and fall again until, at one point, we stand on our own feet and finally learn how to walk. This process is analogous to learning anything else. History has long recognized that the secret to mastery lies in constant repetition. Ancient civilizations have left numerous texts detailing how they utilized repetition in learning. From these, we derive the saying, "Repetitio est mater studiorum" (Repetition is the mother of studies).

Programming the Subconscious Mind Through Repetition

One significant application of repetition is in programming the subconscious mind. There are numerous methods for achieving this programming (mass or individual), but many people are unaware of these techniques. Today, secret organizations use repetition as a means of mass hypnosis. For example, big corporations repeat commercials daily to program consumers to buy certain products.

Commercials aren't the only medium using subconscious programming. Other types of media (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.) are employed to shape a perceived reality. A notable example is the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Organization in New York, which was used to instill a sense of insecurity in the public. The situation was manipulated to make people feel small and powerless, convincing them to surrender their power to the government for protection. Today, sophisticated and indirect methods program the subconscious mind without our awareness.

Repetition and Brain Waves

Throughout history and today, individuals who understand the secret of repetition use it to achieve their goals. By repeating a certain idea, mentally or out loud, they harness the "Law of Attraction," which governs all creation on every level. For instance, meditation involves slowing the brain's frequency from beta waves to alpha waves through repetition.

  • Beta Waves: Beta waves, or beta rhythm, measure brain wave frequencies above 12Hz (12 repetitions per second). These states are associated with normal wakefulness.
  • Alpha Waves: Alpha waves range from 8 to 12Hz. These states occur when awakening from sleep while the eyes are still closed. Historically, the transition from beta to alpha waves and other states (e.g., theta waves) has been called by various names. The crucial observation from scientific analysis is that alpha states amplify feelings of well-being and happiness, enhance mental balance, induce a sense of lightness in the body, and produce visions of pulsating color and light that embrace all that is good.

Repetition of Words Throughout History

Today, we have many methods for repetition, some centuries old and found in different parts of the world. Examples include the "Rosary" in Christianity and "Mantra" in the eastern religions of Tibet and India. These methods share a common origin seen in ancient texts, where a sacred word (e.g., the name of a god or deity) and beads help track repetitions.

Setting Goals for Repetition

In all these methods, the sound's vibration is key to altering brain frequency. The sound's vibration level or the idea repeated out loud or mentally defines the vibration attracted and connected by the brain. By repeating a particular idea, you attract the same type of vibration from the Universe, creating a vibrational field around you that changes your brain's vibration. It's essential to know your goal with repetition and choose an idea with the necessary vibration to achieve that goal. Many Western people today repeat words (rosary, mantra, etc.) without understanding the energy vibration of that idea.

Practical Repetition Exercise (Counting)

One simple exercise to reach the alpha state is mentally counting numbers. Numbers are neutral and don't carry specific vibrations like a "rosary" or "mantra." Yet, repetition increases brain vibration levels automatically. You don't need special tools or times for this exercise; you can count while commuting or during any free moment. Initially, remembering to start counting as often as possible throughout the day is crucial. This "remembering" signals your subconscious mind that you want to "wake up" and receive more information. In normal circumstances, the subconscious filters information, providing only what is necessary for survival. If you don't ask for more, it assumes you don't want more information. "If you don't use it, you lose it."

Goal of the Exercise – Development of Consciousness

The goal is to achieve awareness while counting and performing other activities effortlessly. Soon, you'll notice your brain capacity developing, realizing that the sky's the limit. Eventually, you'll count differently while being aware of everything around you, including your thinking patterns and automatic body habits. At this point, avoid judging others; instead, feel compassion, recognizing you were once unaware of these habits or behaviors. This simple exercise helps achieve the alpha state, contact the subconscious mind, reach higher consciousness, and expand brain capacity. It also highlights how easily we forget and lose awareness, emphasizing the importance of knowing your consciousness level. By deciding to count in every moment, clarity will emerge.


Repetition is a powerful tool for learning and personal growth. Whether programming the subconscious mind, altering brain wave states, or achieving higher consciousness, repetition plays a critical role. Through simple exercises like counting, anyone can develop their brain's capacity, enhance awareness, and achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and their surroundings.