Repetition - Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum

Repetition is the mother of all knowledge that is why we repeat, repeat and again - repeat!
As soon as we leave our mother's womb our cells already know that we cannot learn anything without repetition. Example of this we can see with children who, when they want something, repeat and repeat until they finally get it. We also know from our experience that we wouldn't learn anything without repetition.

When we first start to learn how to walk we fall than we get up, then we fall again until at one point we rose up on our own feet and finally learned how to walk. That is the case with learning everything else. It isn't a discovery in our history that the secret is in constant repetition. In texts of many ancient civilizations, we can find a number of texts about ways how they used the repetition in learning. From there we have the sentence "Repetitio est mater studiorum".

Repetition and programming of Subconscious mind


One of the ways, how one can use repetition, is for programming the Subconscious mind. There are numerous other ways how we can achieve this programming (mass or individual), but most people are not aware of it. In the world, today we have secret organizations that use repetition as a mean of mass hypnosis. Best examples of this are commercials that big corporations repeat day after day so they can program people to buy a certain product.
Commercials aren’t the only ones that use Subconscious programming. There are other types of media involved (like TV, radio, newspapers, etc.) which are used to inscribe in human Subconscious "reality" which they would like to show. Good example of this is an attack on WTO in New York 9/11, with which they wanted to provoke in people sense of insecurity. The situation was used to show "reality" that people are small and powerless. Also, „the ruling minority“ wanted to imprint in people that they need to give up all of their power and give it to the government. The reason for this was so that „the ruling minority“ can defend them from enemies and keep them "secure".
Today there are many sophisticated and indirect ways how your Subconscious mind can be programmed with you not being aware of it.

Repetition and the brain waves


Throughout all of the histories and today, there are individuals that know the secret of repetition. Because they are aware of mass programming, this way of programming is not working anymore. They are using this secret to accomplish their goals. By repeating a certain idea, mentally or out loud, "Law of Attraction" is used, which governs in all creation and on each level.
One good example is slowing the frequency of the brain or "meditation". With repetition brain can switch from beta waves to alpha waves.

Beta waves or beta rhythm is term with which today we measure the rate of brain wave frequency more than 12Hz (12 repetitions in one second). Beta states are states connected with normal awake state.
Alpha waves are rate of brain wave frequency coming from 8 to 12 Hz. Alpha states are occurring at the point of awakening from sleep while we still keep our eyes closed.
Throughout history, transition from beta to alpha waves and other (e.g. theta waves) was called by all sorts of names. We can give to this whatever name we like. The thing, that is important and was noticed by scientific analysis, is that, during alpha states the sense of wellbeing and happiness amplifies. They also noticed  mental balance, sense of lightness in body, visions of pulsating color and light that embrace all that is good.

Repetition of words throughout history

Today we have many methods that we use for repetition. Some of them are centuries old and can see them in different parts of the world. Best examples of that are "Rosary" in Christianity and "Mantra" in eastern religions of Tibet and India and many others. All of these methods have one common source which we can see in ancient texts. In all of these methods, independently from location, they always use some sacred word (e.g. name of god or deity) and beads so one can know how many repetitions he/she made.

Goal that you want to accomplish with repetition

It is necessary to say that in all mentioned methods of repetition, vibration or sound is the one that changes brain frequency. Vibration level of sound or the idea that one repeats out loud or mentally defines the vibration that attracts and with which brain connects. By repeating certain idea, you attract the same type of vibration from the Universe that corresponds to the vibration of that idea and by this you create vibration field around you. This field changes vibration of the brain.
That is why it is good to know the goal that you want to accomplish with repetition and in accord with that, you can choose an idea that has the same vibration needed to reach that goal. Most of the western people today repeat many words (rosary, mantra etc..) but they do not know the vibration energy of that idea.
Today most commonly goal for repeating is to calm the thoughts and whole brain. Most of the illnesses and social problems exist because people cannot see the reality the way it is. In the alpha state, brain stops to "spin" out thoughts. Because of that people start to notice current moment (NOW), and they can reach a state of bliss, health, and happiness.

Practical repetition exercise (Counting)

Maybe the simplest exercise today, which will get you to the alpha state, is by mentally counting numbers. Numbers are neutral; they don’t contain any specific idea of a certain deity or similar vibration that is the case with "rosary" or with "mantra". However, because of the repetition, level of the brain vibration is automatically increased. Also, it is not necessary to find any special time to do this or to use any special tools. You can count while driving in the tram, car or during any other free time you have.
In the beginning, it is of the most importance to remember to start counting as much as possible during the day. By this "remembering" you are telling your Subconscious mind (every time you remember) that you have decided to "wake up" and that you want to receive more information from it. In normal circumstances, Subconscious mind filters information and gives only that what is necessary for survival. If you don’t ask for more, you are telling it that you don’t want more information. "If you don't use it, you lose it." This rule applies to all.
It is important to emphasize that until you get the trust from your Subconscious mind and until you start to trust it, you will not get more information than requested. Subconscious mind is directly connected with Higher Self, as you can read about it in Huna, and it has direct access to all knowledge and powers. In the ancient texts, it is written that our body contains all knowledge. And everything that the Universe contains, our body also contains. As the ancient saying says: "As above, so below." You must be aware that the whole body and brain operate by the law contained in already mentioned sentence: "If you don't use it, you lose it." Body is in the constant phase of adjustment and change.
The individuals (that have developed higher conscious) can count parallel with performing other daily routines. Because the brain has unlimited developing abilities, this is easy to achieve, as it is seen very quickly after some time of doing the exercise. Everybody can develop this just by doing this exercise.
At the beginning of this exercise, you can start with counting from 0 to 10 and then again from the start. As soon as counting becomes automatic, and you find out that you can count mentally and do another activity parallel (without being aware that you are counting), you should change the way you count. Eg. You can count from 0 to 10, and then from 10 to 0, and continue like this in a circle. In this way, you are starting to use more of the brain capacity, and you expand mental capacity of your brain and your consciousness.

Goal of exercise – Development of consciencesness


 The goal is to achieve awareness while counting and doing other daily activities with ease. Very soon you will notice that your brain capacity is developing and that only the sky is the limit. Later you will reach the phase where you will be able to count differently, and in the same time you will be able to listen to somebody talking and be aware of everything that is happening around you. After some time of doing this, you will start to notice many other things like your thinking patterns, automatic body habits, etc. At that moment, you need to learn not to judge others. You need to start to feel compassion for them because you were just as they are now, unaware of all of these habits or patterns of behaviors.
This very simple exercise with which you can achieve the alpha state, and achieve contact with you Subconscious mind, which is the only way how you can reach Higher Self and higher conscious. Also by doing this you can expand consciousness and develop the brain. It can also show you quickly how much you are sleeping and how it is easy to forget and to lose awareness. It is very important to know your level of conscious or where you are. And that is easy to see, just decide to count in every moment of each coming day, and everything will clear to you.


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