A certain visual scene may cause a feeling, in your stomach and probably other unnoticed subconscious reactions. It may be that similar types of subtle unnoticed subconscious reactions, possibly from water or other sources, may give a subconsciously controlled response by means of the numerous types of dowsing devices.

The Dowsing Tools

A dowsing tool appears to be simply a read-out, interface or communication device with our subconscious. The main devices are Y Rod, L Rod and Pendulum. Depending whatever is most convenient for you and what is most handy. The most convenient device is pendulum.

Time and Place

As a suggestion, for now and the future, try to find a quiet place, a place where you can be alone and where you feel comfortable, a spot that would normally be available to you at the same time each day for a few minutes of practice. This is kind of like making an appointment with your Subconscious or Spirit Guides. The place, might be the kitchen table early in the morning, or sitting up in bed late at night, or any other time of place. This seems to be very helpful if you are just learning to dowse. If you have developed some skill, it won\'t be as important to be in your special place at a predetermined time.

Getting Ready

Now read the following six steps all the way through. This is just so you will have an idea of what you will be doing. You don\'t need to study them, just become familiar with them. Then come back and seriously go through them one step at a time.

Step 1.
Relax and become quiet.

Step 2.
Take your pendulum (any pendulum will do) and hold the string or chain between your thumb and first finger. Hold it with about less than half way of the string on which it is hanging on. The string length will determine how fast it will swing. Next, hold the pendulum over the center of the chart. (You can use the chart below)

Step 3.
Now, manually (by moving your hand and fingers) make the pendulum start swinging towards the \"YES\" and ask and expect it to keep swinging on its own without your help. Ask it out loud, with about the same normal speaking voice and tone as talking to a person. If it stops, start it over again, ask it to keep going. Watch only the upper or forward half of the pendulum\'s swing and ignore the other half, from the center towards you. Repeat until the pendulum will keep swing on its own. You will be deliberately starting the pendulum and then asking it to keep swinging with no additional help from you.

Step 4.
Do the same thing for the \"NO\". Your fingers are still over the center of the circle and you are ignoring one half of the swing.

Step 5.
Once it is swinging by itself to the \"NO\"\", ask it, while it is still swinging, to work its way clockwise back to \"YES\" and then continue to the \"Ready for Question\".

Step 6.
Next ask it to work its way counter-clockwise from the \"Ready for Question\" to \"YES\" and to the \"NO\", and then clockwise back to the \"YES\". Practice Steps 3, 4, 5 i 6 several times.

Half Way

Above are the basic pendulum controls you will need at this stage. The others will be automatically programmed into your dowsing system in the next steps. If you can do the above steps, you are will on your way to learning to pendulum dowse, and you are now ready to proceed. If you were not able to accomplish the above try again in about half an hour or the next day. Don\'t give up, try again.


A Key Step in programming

The purpose of programming is to achieve maximum accuracy. This is done by establishing, with your Dowsing System some mutually acceptable, pre-established, agreements and understandings about words, phrases, conditions and what is meant by different pendulum or dowsing tool movements. If you have succeeded in getting your pendulum to move to \"YES\" and \"NO\" and back and forth between them, and have practiced a little bit, you are ready to proceed with Programming Your Dowsing System. But First, read through this and the next page for the overall idea.

Program Installation is very easy, there are just three simple steps.

(A) Obtain Permission : With your pendulum swinging to the \"Ready for Question\" (you may use the Dowsing Form on the next page), ask the Dowsing System the following questions: (It is best to read the question out loud.)

\"May I, Can I, Should I, ESTABLISH, CHANGE or ADD Dowsing Conditions and Agreements or Programs which will be continually in effect until changed by me\"

If the pendulum swings to \"YES\", go to step (B).

If the pendulum goes to \"NO\", then try again at a later time.

(B) To input or Establish a Program: With the pendulum still swinging to \"YES\"\' read any developed PROGRAM, CHANGE or ADDITION, and finish by saying:

\"End of prearranged conditions and agreements, thank you\", or just simply say:

\"End of program, thank you.\"

Suggestion of Primary program:

  • Primary Program is to be continually in effect until I choose to make changes.
  • Covering the overall primary controls, limits, agreements and dowsing responses.
  • The Purpose is to determine amounts, effects, conditions, circumstances, influences, times, measurements, distances, numbers, percentages and other requested areas.
  • Dowsing Communications to be inter- cooperative and restricted to: the Overall Universal Super conscious, (May substitute your own words like God, The Force, / Om, Super conscious etc.) my Super conscious, my Higher Self and their approved Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels, and others of their choice, my Mind Systems, my Subconscious and its related systems. This is to cause me no harm, discomfort or loss of energy, either physically or spirituality.
  • Influences such as misleading thoughts, imaging, wishes, or any other conditions from any source, physical or non- physical, including my own or other persons, entities or mind systems of any kind, are not to affect me adversely or cause incorrect dowsing answers.
  • Time as related to dowsing is to be in my time unless other wise requested.
  • Answers are to be selected from all available knowledge and information sources.
  • The Method of Answering by the pendulum or any dowsing systems is to be:
    • Swinging diagonally to the upper right means that pendulum is ready for question
    • Swinging vertically up means that the answer to the asked question is YES
    • Swinging horizontally to the left means that the answer to the asked question is NO
    • Turning of the pendulum in one spot in the clockwise direction signifies that we are not ready still to hear the answer to the asked question.
    • Turning of the pendulum in one spot in the counter clockwise direction signifies that our question is not clearly defined.
  • Temporary Changes may be made by me while dowsing, reverting back after use.
  • Program Changes like adding, deleting or changing may be made by me, but only by using a three step system of my choice. End of program, thank you\".

\"May I, Can I, Should I Program, is to become a working part of all my Dowsing Programs, and be continually in effect until I choose to make changes. When used in reference to dowsing questions, the May I, Can I, Should I, is to have the following meaning:

  • May I is to mean: Do I have appropriate permission?
  • Can I means: Do I have the ability to successfully dowse in this area and am I ready?
  • Should I means: Considering all aspects related to this situation would it be appropriate, roper and suitable to dowse in this area?

(C) Final Check: Ask the Dowsing System: \"Are the Conditions or Changes acceptable as presented, being clear and non-contradictory, and open to change by my request?\"

If \"YES\", you are finished.

If \"NO\", use your pendulum to ask questions and try to determine why.

Please NOTE: Once you input programs into the Dowsing System you DO NOT have to repeat the programming each time you dowse. They are automatically and continually in effect until changed by you.

About Your Programming

Once you have programmed your Dowsing System, you will have instructions and agreements that are as thorough, detailed, and as carefully thought out, as experienced dowser\'s. The nice part is that you don\'t have to remember all the details in the programs. The subconscious does it for you. All you have to do is know that the programmed information is in the subconscious and it will be automatically in effect when you dowse.

After programming of pendulum start with clear and defined questions

In your given time and at the chosen place ask you pendulum clear and defined questions. It is important that you start with easy questions. Look arround yourself and start asking questions like:

\"Do I sit in a chair at this moment in time?\"

\"Am I at this moment in my bedroom?\"

\"Am I wearing a T-shirt?\"

\"Is the T-shirt red colored?\"

So, at the beginning start with defined and easy questions in order to connect better with your subconscious mind trough the pendulum. Also it is important that your questions should not be about issues with which you have strong emotionally bond, because in this moment in time it is not important if you are sitting in the chair, bed or on the floor or if you are wearing red, green or black T-shirt. It can also be that in the beginning you will experience that your pendulum is giving you different answers to the same questions. Don\'t be discouraged but continue to work with it. You will notice that within some time you will start getting the right answers. Work with it some time, be consistent and repeat this every day.

After your connection with your pendulum (subconsciousness) is strong

When you feel more secure and trusting of your Dowsing System, ask the pendulum if you should re-enter the primary program. If the answer is \"YES,\" do it. If \"NO.\" then you are properly programmed and may enter other programs, invent new ones or make changes. You are now free to advance as you wish, the sky is the limit.

Please NOTE: It is very important that each time you change the basic dowsing subject, you should ask the Dowsing System \"May I, Can I, Should I?\" (i.e. May I, Can I, Should I dowse [indicate subject]?). If the answer is \"YES,\" proceed, if \"NO,\" trust its judgment. Guidance is what you are wisely seeking. It is permissible to ask why.

What is really a pendulum?

Trough this text we have been mentioning all the time pendulum, but in fact you can use any other device with which you can ask the questions easily. Pendulum is very practical because you can carry it with yourself all the time and you can use it with ease.

Pendulum is device which is helping us to communicate with our subconscious mind. All answers to all our questions are within our subconscious mind. As people stopped to communicate with their subconsciousness they began to find different ways to establish the communication with it. What is dowsing but direct communication with our subconsciousness. By holding the pendulum by the way described above, during the questioning, our subconscious mind gives us the answers by subtle moving of the hand which in that way moved the pendulum. What we don\'t understand is that we don\'t program the pendulum but our subconscious mind. Pendulum is just the visual instrument which is helping us to visually interpret her answers. After you have worked with the pendulum long enough you will realize that you don\'t need it anymore and you will gradually learn how to listen to the answers that are coming from deep within you.