Right side of the brain is the one connected with higher awareness, wide, infinite, conscious reality we are all a part of. Right side of the brain is our creativity, infinite knowledge, infinite wisdom and infinite diversity of perception. Right side of the brain, which is the side that connects us with that kind of reality, gives us our creativity.

Left side of the brain that is equally important for life in this reality connects us to this world. It is a side of the structure, language and everything that we see in society, side of intellect, education, politics, science, and medicine. All of this is in correlation with the left side. Since the left side of the brain, connects us with this world that is feeding on separation, making things apart, like this space separating all of us. Although it is not just space, but vibrating energy outside the visible light span, left side of the brain perceives everything as separate. When we look in medicine, science, education or politics, in all of them the world is observed partially, and not as a whole.

Right side of the brain sees and experiences the unity of everything. Ideal is what we call "whole brain people." Both sides are active, and they are communicating through the bridge that connects them. In this way, you can simultaneously be inspired, creative and acknowledge that we are all a part of one big consciousness (infinite consciousness) which is everything. You can shape it all in a way that enables you to function in this reality. If there is an imbalance in the functioning of the two brain parts, that imbalance is clearly shown, usually in one of the two ways. A person that has a strong stimulant on the right side of the brain (but not so on the left) is a very creative person. You can say  that, this person lives in a "realm of elves". Those are very creative people that don't know how to live in this world, because that left side doesn't connect them strong enough with the real world. There are little of those in our society. What is predominant in the world today is the dominance of the left side of the brain. If you observe the world as separate parts than your sense of reality is under control of the left side of the brain. Like a variety of separateness, stream of structures, but you're not in a position to notice the unity and connection in a part of whole that we all are a part of.

When we look at how the education system works, we'll see that we are encouraged to use our left side of the brain while the right side is unused. For example, to progress inside the system you must first pass the stream of exams from school to college. What is required to pass such an exams? It is required to fill up the left side with terms that are familiar to it: language, structure, separateness and apartness in order to keep it all up in the left side of the brain.  If you are skilled to do that you'll pass the test with a good grade. So you can move on, say to college. And when you pass all the exams there, you'll get a diploma. With this diploma you can move to the next level of society, in which you want to specialize. Since it is necessary to pass whole bunch of such we can conclude that the ones, that are in them now, are persons with already too stimulated left side of the brain. Those are the people governing the institutions of society, defining what is necessary for it and guiding it.
That's why we live in a society that is exclusively dominated by the left side of the brain.  This side of the brain understands only structure, because it cannot perceive that the world could exist without endless rules and structures. In addition to that, left side of the brain understands only that and has no perception of the right side of the brain that sees life completely differently. This is also the case with many other people that may have not successfully pass tests and exams, of which there are many, because they went to school that just didn't interest them.


Let's return to the minority again, the core which operates behind the scene and which is manipulating mankind via mass control. They are the one that understand that system very well. For example, at the beginning of 2009 in Great Britain, the government announced that they will introduce 500 educational goals for preschool age. Even the pedagogues, that don't know about the connection between the two parts of the brain and control, raised their voice and asked: "So, when will that children play?" That is the main idea, to leave as less as possible time to play. Because what is playing? It is improvisation and imagination encouragement. It has no structure. The child simply plays and uses imagination. And the imagination is an expression of the infinite possibilities of the right side of the brain. So, from the earliest age they are trying secretly to encourage the left side of the brain at the expense of the right. In this way, they draw people into this false reality that they will perceive as the only reality, and they won't be able to understand anything outside the structure of rules and regulations. All of this is to the expense of the right side of the brain.

There is another good example of this difference. It's about the experience of one neuro-atomist. She is a scientist that deals with the exploration of the brain in America. Her name is Jill Bolte Taylor. Her story is on the internet. She had the stroke, and since she is dealing with the exploration of the brain, she exactly knew what was happening to her at the time. She woke up one morning and didn't feel good. First she stood on her exercise device and tried to exercise. When she looked at her hands, they didn't look like her hands at all. They looked weird; I think she mentioned the word "claws". She still wasn't feeling well, and after some time, she realized she was having a stroke. Since the stroke influenced some part on the left side of the brain, the one that decodes energy into this reality, her left side of the brain wasn't functioning so well and in a system of decoding there were errors. Her point of consciousness switched to the right side of the brain, because the left side couldn't compete anymore with the right. At that moment, she said, a person that is a scientist, "I was everything there was.". In that reality, there was no border between me and the rest of the world. Everything was whole. Not just that, I even felt profound and complete happiness, which I've never experienced before. I felt joy, love, harmony and sensations of deep happiness. These are the feelings that people cannot find in the world governed by the left side of the brain. They don't find them simply because the left side of the brain just doesn't decode that level of consciousness. She's telling her story in a amusing way and says she felt wonderful at that moment, and nothing else concerned her or occupied her mind. But she still decided that there was something she must do.

There were obviously some problems happening although she was feeling great. She went to try to call a friend and say she has problems, and she is in need of assistance. However, when she has gotten to the phone, there weren't any numbers on the phone, just pixels, and she could not connect them with numbers. Why? Because, as we said, there are many levels of decoded reality. On one level, there is only general vibrating energy, the other level is digital like pixels on the film, like green mathematical codes listing on the computer screen in the movie Matrix. If you remember the movie, you remember that people are looking at screens filled with codes and numbers, but they do not see codes and numbers, they see the streets with cars and people. That scene symbolizes this process of decoding. She further says it took an awful lot of time to penetrate it and to push the keys with right numbers. So the phone eventually rang and the man from the other side picked up the phone. He said some regular sentence like: "Halo, this is this and that.", moreover, Jill Bolte Taylor from the other side just heard: "wu wu wu". She tried to reply. She thought she was speaking the following: "I have some trouble. I need help." But as she was speaking she just heard herself pronouncing: "wu wu wu". Why? Because the left side of the brain didn't decode what her speaking mechanism was saying. Put your hand in front of your mouth and you'll feel the vibration of your voice because that's what the voice is, a vibration. This vibration is decoded into text when it gets further in the ear/brain system. When her left side of the brain stopped functioning, that is the side of the brain that decodes language and words; she did not hear words anymore.

This example greatly shows how the left and the right side of the brain are functioning. When only right side of the brain had functioned, she had been feeling only joy in understanding that she is everything that ever was, is and will be. In the left side, remained a structure and this reality that we normally experience. If we can find the balance between the two sides of the brain, that is perfect. Then we can understand our connection with the infinite. Knowing this body is just a temporary form allowing us to experience this reality, with the sensation of separateness from everything else, which is only one experience from many experiences. But knowing that it is just that, our experience, but not us. When that possibility is taken away from us, and society is doing everything to disable that consciousness of connection, people remain trapped in the left side of the brain. They see only separation, division, the need for structure, the need for rules and regulations and vertical structure of power. Because this is the way, our brain works in extreme form. And that is why the society is trying to enslave us in the left side of the brain.

How to activate the right side of the brain?

Since we are living in the world that is constantly "practicing" or activating our left side of the brain, there is a question how to balance the brain. One of the ways is to start increasing the activity of the right side of the brain. There are many ways to activate the right side of the brain. As we mentioned so far, the right side of the brain is connected with that creative and irrational, while the left side is everything that is rational and logical. Already by knowing this we can conclude some things that can additionally activate the right side. We'll name some of them here, and after that you'll get some new ideas pretty sure too.

Activation of right and left side of the brain

Put for yourself some nice music that you like and start dancing freely. It is very important that you feel pleasant and free. To most of you, the very idea of dancing alone and letting go to music will be unpleasant. Everything has to be effortless. To ones that are uncomfortable – pull down the curtains so that you can try to eliminate the feeling that someone is watching. There is only you watching. Totally relax your body and let go your creativity to the music to spontaneously move the body. As we all have left side of the brain more active than the right, the brain will automatically try to do some logical or rational dance. But, it is necessary to realize it and try to "break" logical or rational movements. Whenever you notice that you have started repeating some movement pattern, change it at once. With that, you are starting to activate the creative and irrational centers of the brain.

The reactions can be that you start thinking:

"What would someone say if he/she saw me like this?"
"Why am I doing this now?"
"This is stupid?" or something like that.

Every thought of that origin is coming from the rational side of the brain trying to remain "in control". The ones, who try this experience, can somewhat afterwards feel great relief and happiness pervading the entire body. An example of freestyle dance!

Conscious usage of the left side of the body

Here we will only mention the English language where the word for the right side of the body -"Right" means "Rightful" or "Just", rightful side. But we won't be going into the history now, where all of the sources for this over excessive stimulation of the right side of the body and left side of the brain are. We'll only suggest and name some activities that your body is automatically performing with the right side of the body, and for which you can equally use the left side of the body too. It is commonly known in modern medicine today, that the right side of the body is governed by the left side of the brain, while the left side of the body is governed by the right side of the brain.

Most people today are right-handed, but there are many examples of children to whom the left hand was naturally skillful, but they were forced to learn to write with their right hand. However, were they forced or not, it is always possible to learn how to write with your left hand. In the beginning, you might start with writing the alphabet letter by letter. After a while, you will be able to write full sentences until you're in a position to write with your left hand equally as good as with your right hand. Writing is just one example, we can name here just any of the learned things you are doing in your life, unconsciously. It can be the way you hold your fork and knife while you're eating, the way you blow your nose with a handkerchief, the way you open the door while you're entering a room and likewise. Every action, that you consciously start to do with the left side of the body, will increase the activity of the right side of the brain. So be creative...



Ever since the ancient times the ancient yogis knew the practices known as "Swara yoga.“  By which the help of breathing encoruages the brain activity, and after some time of practicing, a balance is achieved between the two brain hemispheres. We'll name one of these breathing exercises (or pranayamas) here. This breathing practice is random breathing through the left and the right nostril – purpose of it is to alternate the activation of one hemisphere of the brain and then the other. It eventually leads to balance of the both hemispheres. If you wish to practice both sides of the brain, you can first close one nostril with your finger(s), breath in, breath out (through the nose, of course), then close the other nostril and open the first one, breath in and breath out.


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